Mattress Types

Mattress Types

Looking for a specific type of mattress? We’ve listed the different mattress types here along with a brief description of each.

Memory Foam

Memory foam, otherwise known as visco-elastic foam, is without a doubt, the most popular type of mattress in the market today. Memory foam is a technology that was invented by NASA and it was not originally meant to be used as a mattress material. However, when NASA released the technology to the public, Tempur-pedic developed it to be used for mattresses. Ever since then, many other companies utilized this technology and that’s how memory foam became popular. Memory foams can contour to the body perfectly and this alleviates pressure points that result in a good night’s sleep. Continue


Latex mattresses can be considered the most balanced out of all the different types of mattresses with regards to features and performance. It is very similar to memory foams but there are significant differences that can ultimately influence which one of the two types you will choose. A latex mattress is also the most “green” mattress because the main material used is derived from the sap of a Rubber Tree so if you are very particular with having organic household items, this is a very good option for you. One major drawback with a latex mattress is the price, it can be very expensive. Here is our in depth look at latex mattresses as well as some of the ones that we recommend that can fit your budget. Continue


Innerspring mattresses utilize a core of springs or coils to provide support. There are different types of coil designs and each of them has their pros and cons. The comfort layer of an innerspring mattress is usually made up of different types of foams. It is one of the most popular and the most widely available type of mattress in retail stores and online. It has been used for decades and even today, there are still consumers that prefer this type for the simple fact that it provides the needed comfort and support. Continue

Air Mattress

Air mattresses, as the name suggests, use air for support. There are different types of air mattresses and they are categorized according to usage. There are air beds that can be used as permanent or main mattresses, there are those that are best for guest rooms and there are air beds that are only useful as an outdoor sleeping solution. If you are looking for an air mattress, the first thing that you should do is determine where and how you will be using it so that you won’t be disappointed once you purchase one. Continue

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