Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Dreamfoam Bedding’s Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our most recommended memory foam mattress. It is a very affordable mattress that is comparable to the Tempur-pedic Cloud Luxe at a fraction of the cost. It uses gel-infused memory foam so it will alleviate some of the problems with high temperature that is very common with this type of mattress.


Dreamfoam Bedding sells mattresses online and that is the main reason why they can offer affordable pricing. Their factory direct pricing is very helpful to consumers as they can get high quality mattresses without having to shell out absurd amounts of cash. Their foams are Certipur-US certified and this means that their materials have passed rigorous and intensive testing for safety and quality.

Mattress Build

The construction of the mattress is very simple. It has a 3 layer design that utilizes 2 types of memory foam. The top most layer is a 3″ and 4lb density gel infused memory foam and it is supported by a 2″ 5lb density standard visco elastic foam. The higher density memory foam provides additional support. The bottom layer is an 8″ high density foam. It is covered in a luxurious knitted cover.

The design is very simple and you will be getting a generous amount of memory foam totaling 5 inches. As you may already know, memory foam contours to your body perfectly to provide ultimate comfort and the combination of a medium density (4lb) and high density (5lb) memory foam does that perfectly.

It is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. You can also have a custom size mattress, you just give them a call and they will work with you on what you need.


  • Affordable

This is a very high quality mattress that is very affordable. You won’t be needing to spend thousands of dollars to get this mattress, unlike some other “top brands”. We can’t say the exact price as it changes frequently with Amazon giving out amazing discounts. Click here to check the price.

  • High Quality Materials

As mentioned above, the foam that they use in the construction of the Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Mattress is Cetipur-US approved. Being able to use the Certipur-US logo means that the foam has been tested and certified to be safe and durable. The mattress is made in the USA.

  • Convenience

Being able to shop at your own home is a luxury that is fast becoming a necessity. You can read hundreds of reviews from verified buyers about the product that you’re eyeing. Also, items that are sold online can be very cheap compared to items that are sold in a physical store because overhead and other unnecessary expenses are eliminated.

  • Great Customer Support and a Reputable Brand

Dreamfoam Bedding is one of the best brands when it comes to selling mattresses online and one of the reasons is that they disclose the materials that they use in the construction of their mattress. Believe it or not, many well known brands are reluctant to let the public know the exact materials that they are using. Knowing the materials present in your mattress can give you peace of mind.

They are great with customer support, before and after the sale. They have been in business since the early 90’s and they have been able to stay successful while maintaining a good reputation.


  • Unable to See and Feel the Mattress before purchase

The most obvious disadvantage to shopping online is that you can’t see and feel the mattress. Being able to lay on a mattress in a store for a few minutes is definitely a great luxury to have but to be able to decide if a particular mattress is the right one for you, you need to be able to sleep on it for at the very least, a couple of weeks. A lot of things can change during that timespan that can affect the feel and performance of a mattress.

Being online only does have its disadvantages but there are also some advantages to it. One is if you purchase it from Amazon, you can take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee. This ensures that if you are not satisfied with the mattress, you won’t be stuck with it.

  • Limited Stocks

There are times when they run low on stock because they don’t mass produce mattresses. If you are in need of one and they are out of stock, you may have to wait days before stocks are available again.

Overall – Who Should Buy This?

This mattress is categorized as a soft – medium firm mattress so we recommend it for pretty much anyone but if you are a full time stomach sleeper, you might want to look at other mattresses and go for a firmer one. The 13″ thickness profile is also great for people of all sizes, especially those that larger and/or heavier.

We really like this mattress and for the price, it is a steal. It has high quality materials that can surely last a long time with proper care and it has a 20 year warranty. If you are on the market for a new memory foam mattress, whether to use as your main mattress or for the guest room, the Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the best option.

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